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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I enroll my child in KA Plus!?

To begin your child's educational journey with KA Plus!, simply submit an inquiry and a Client Support Representative provide you with personalized guidance and support throughout the enrollment process.

Q. How many classes can my child take?

With KA Plus!, your child has the freedom to select and participate in as many classes as they desire. Our flexible subscription model allows students to explore different topics and discover their true passions by hopping into various classes.

Q. Are the classes live or pre-recorded?

Our classes are live and interactive, providing real-time engagement between our dedicated teachers and fellow students. This live format allows for collaboration, discussions, and an engaging learning environment.

Q. What level of English does my child need to join KA Plus!?

Students should have a basic understanding of English, including the ability to comprehend directions and communicate in English. However, we offer leveled classes to accommodate a wide range of English proficiency levels. To discuss your child's English proficiency and explore the available options, submit an inquiry. A Client Support Representative will guide you through the enrollment process, assess your child's needs, and recommend the most suitable classes to support their language learning journey.

Q. What materials does my child need for KA Plus! classes?

In most KA Plus! classes, the required materials are provided on screen in the form of slides or PDFs. Students can access and view these materials directly during the livelessons, ensuring a seamless learning experience. The majority of classes can be enjoyed without the need for any printed material. For some classes, students may be asked to print specific materials at home. However, please note that it is always possible to fully participate and engage in a KA Plus! class even without any printed materials. Our teachers are skilled at utilizing on-screen materials to deliver engaging and comprehensive lessons. In rare cases, there may be certain classes that require students to purchase books from online stores like Amazon or other designated sources. If this is the case, the specific book requirements will be communicated to parents and students well in advance. Rest assured, such cases are exceptions, and the majority of our classes do not require any additional purchases.

Q. How many times are classes offered on KA Plus!?

To ensure flexibility and accommodate students' schedules, most classes on KA Plus! are offered at least twice. We understand that students may have various commitments and interests, and we strive to provide options that minimize the chances of students missing out on classes they wish to attend.

Q. Can I use KA Plus! on a mobile device?

While it is technically possible to access KA Plus! on a mobile device, we highly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for the optimal learning experience.

Q. Do teachers take attendance for KA Plus! classes?

For most classes in KA Plus!, teachers may not take regular attendance as the emphasis is on students' self-directed learning and personal engagement. This approach allows students to have the freedom to explore various subjects and topics based on their individual preferences and learning goals. However, if there are specific classes that parents would like their children to attend consistently or if there are particular attendance requirements for certain courses, we encourage parents to contact our Learning Consultants. By informing the Learning Consultant about specific classes of interest, we can communicate the attendance expectation to the respective teachers and ensure that attendance is accurately recorded for those specific classes.

Q. What are the expectations for student behavior in KA Plus!?

At KA Plus!, we foster an engaging and interactive learning environment, and we encourage active participation from all students. To ensure a lively and productive classroom experience, we have the following behavior expectations: Camera On: We request that all students have their cameras turned on during the live lessons. Having cameras on allows teachers and fellow students to see each other, fostering a sense of connection and engagement. It also enables non-verbal communication and helps maintain an interactive learning environment. Microphone Unmuted: Unless there is excessive background noise, we encourage students to keep their microphones unmuted. Unmuted microphones facilitate real-time conversations and allow for prompt responses and active class discussions. It helps create a dynamic learning atmosphere and ensures that students are ready to participate and share their thoughts and ideas. Active Participation: We highly value active participation from every student. Our classes are designed to be lively and engaging, and we encourage all students to actively contribute, ask questions, and share their perspectives. Active participation enhances the learning experience and promotes collaboration among peers.

Q. How can I ensure the safety of my child in KA Plus!?

At KA Plus!, the safety and security of our students is of utmost importance. To ensure a safe learning environment, we have implemented the following measures: Secure Online Portal: All students log in to KA Plus! through our online portal called KA Connect. This portal is designed to provide a secure and controlled access point for students. Only students with the assigned password can join the platform, ensuring that unauthorized individuals cannot access the classes or interact with students. Privacy Protection: We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our students. Personal information provided during the registration process is treated with strict confidentiality and handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. We have robust data protection measures in place to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive information. Trained and Monitored Teachers: Our teachers undergo a thorough selection and training process. They are professionals dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. Our teaching staff adheres to strict guidelines and protocols to maintain the safety and well-being of students. Additionally, all classes are monitored by administrators to ensure appropriate conduct and safety compliance. Safe Online Communication: The online interaction within KA Plus! is conducted through our secure platform, providing a controlled and monitored environment. We have implemented measures to prevent any form of inappropriate communication or behavior among students or between students and teachers. Our staff actively monitors and intervenes, if necessary, to address any safety concerns promptly. Recording of Lessons: Please note that for quality control and security purposes, some lessons may be recorded. These recordings are used to ensure the effectiveness of our teaching methods, monitor class engagement, and maintain the safety of our students. Rest assured that these recordings are treated with the same level of privacy and confidentiality as other student data.

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